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Everyday we make a difference in a child’s life.

Welcome to our Community

Early Learning at Beth Sholom is a preschool that provides care for infants through Pre-K age children. We create a welcoming, child-centered, stimulating environment with an emphasis on children’s well-being through kindness and love.

Our Programs

Early Learning Facts

Choice of PreK Program

Children have widely different development paths, so we offer a certified Montessori track for pre-K children ages 3 – 5 as well as a more traditional creative program. There is no extra cost for the Montessori program and children can move between programs as needed.
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Tuition Support

The first child of each Jewish family that is new to the school and not currently a member of the congregation will be eligible to be subsidized at the rate of 40%, up to a maximum of $4,000 per year of the tuition cost. The incentive can be awarded for up to four years in total.

Safety and Security

The facility has onsite security guards, constantly monitoring the inside and outside for risks. All access points are locked and only authorized personnel using an electronic key card system can gain entry.
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