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We are a Community

The Jewish values and traditions taught are a vital part of the experience and lead to feeling part of a family.

Nurturing is in our Nature

Early Learning is a place of warmth, love and compassion that accepts and cares equally for all children. We encourage parent participation because Early Learning is a place to develop friendships that last a lifetime. Through seamless communications, collaboration, and responsiveness, parents and children develop strong bonds with other parents and teachers.

Culture, Community & Family

Early Learning at Beth Sholom is a vital part of Beth Sholom Congregation. Beth Sholom Congregation creates meaning and purpose in an evolving world. Across multiple generations, imbued with a love of Jewish life, and a desire to live Jewish values, as well as the aspiration to seek God’s presence through prayer, study, the power of community, and a connection with the land and people of Israel, we build heartfelt connections, inspired culture and acts of profound compassion.

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Message from the Executive Director

Early Learning at Beth Sholom is truly a special place. Our long-tenured staff, our focus on parent engagement and our connection to a one-of-a-kind synagogue community creates an amazing opportunity to become part of our family. We take great pride in creating a loving, nurturing environment for our children.

My own family joined Beth Sholom Congregation when our children participated in the Early Learning program. Their experience was wonderful, and I know yours will be too!

Danielle Otero

Executive Director

Health, Safety and Security and Our Facility

We are committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for your child and for our entire staff. We follow and exceed the health, safety, and security guidelines outlined by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) School and Child Care safety Best Practices Guidelines, Centers for Disease Control and our federal, state, and local officials.


Our cleaning and sanitizing procedures follow and exceed the stringent hygiene guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and our federal, state, and local officials.

Safety and Security

Secure Entry Access into every part of the facility. Only authorized personnel can access the facility, and visitors are always accompanied. High Perimeter Wall to prevent direct sight into the playground. Security Cameras: State-of-the-art surveillance cameras in our classrooms, entrances/exits and surrounding areas. Security Guards: Two trained security officers monitor the grounds at all times. The added bonus of having the Elkins Park police station directly across the street.

Our Facility

Our classrooms are bright, sunny, and colorful with lots of toys and books. The facility has a large, outside playground secured with a high fence. When indoor play is required, there are many available multi-purpose rooms and auditoriums as well as an indoor play area. The facility has onsite security guards, constantly monitoring the inside and outside for risks. All access points are locked and only authorized personnel using an electronic key card system can gain entry.
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We Couldn’t Do It Without Our Teachers and Staff

They are long tenured with low turnover and have diverse experience across all age levels. They work as team, sharing knowledge and materials to help everyone succeed.