3 – 5 Years


The Montessori Method aids the child by emphasizing independent activity without the unnecessary help of an adult. At Early Learning at Beth Sholom, the Montessori Method is taught though the lens of a Jewish preschool education.

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Montessori Program Facts

Practical Life Essentials

Children learn practical life lessons such as pouring, food preparation, and washing a table, as well as grace and courtesy lessons

Sensorial Enhancement

We utilize certain materials to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child. 

Global Cultures

The Montessori child is taught from the first fundamental lesson about the world map. Lessons grow from that initial contact, guided by the child’s interest in a particular culture or geographical area.

Weekly Activities

Hebrew lessons, gymnastics classes, instructed music class, cooking and art.
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What’s Happening at Early Learning!

Check out our complete calendar of holidays, special events, field trips and much more.

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We want to meet you!

Come tour our facility and meet our teachers. Early Learning is dedicated to creating a sense of family and community through a strong focus on teaching Jewish values and customs.