Tuition Support Program

Thanks to the support of the Brodie Family Early Learning Foundation, we can offer financial aid to help defer the program costs.

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Brodie Family Foundation Tuition Support Program


For New Families

Non-need-based subsidy

40% off tuition, up to $4,000

Includes $500 annual membership dues discount

An increasing body of research suggests that young Jewish families find financial obstacles to be a significant barrier to participation in Jewish life. A family may feel that quality Jewish preschool experiences are a priority, but financial constraints make that access a strain. Engaging young children in Jewish teachings, prayer, wisdom and fun is a golden window of opportunity unlike any other in a Jewish family’s lifespan. It may even promote a lifelong identification with the larger Jewish community.

Each Jewish family that is new to the school and not currently a member of the congregation will be eligible to be subsidized at the rate of 40%, up to a maximum of $4,000 per year, of the tuition cost for the first child in the family attending the Early Learning at Beth Sholom program. The incentive can be awarded for up to four years in total. Each subsidized family will be eligible to receive discounted $500 annual membership dues and be required to be involved with specified synagogue activities.

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Come tour our facility and meet our teachers. Early Learning is dedicated to creating a sense of family and community through a strong focus on teaching Jewish values and customs.